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Our prints are our artwork, our tribute to incredible people and places we encountered all around this beautiful planet we call home. Now, we hope they can do the same for you!

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Watching people put on a Kalisi for the first time is beyond our wildest dreams: the smiles, the twirls and ultimately the happy looks really are what it's all about. When you feel good, you DO of good and the more good we can all do, the better.

Kalisi is unendingly committed to creating unique, globally-inspired, goddess-worthy clothing that inspires you to feel beautiful, feminine and free all while giving back to feminine powerhouses in our communities, like the Susan G Komen foundation here in San Diego.

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Aroha of New Zealand

Amba of India

Kelia of Peru

Soliwe of Zimbabwe

My gorgeous Kaftan arrived while I was working so I had to wait to try it on.  I was worried it wouldn't fit or flatter me.  I was SO wrong!  The fit is perfection, like it was custom tailored to me.  The fabric is astounding and the colors and pattern made me giggle with delight!  I can't wait to wear it over and over!


So my Soliwe maxi arrived today... And it is AHH-MAZ-ING! I actually squealed! Had to stop myself from wearing it while doing the vacuuming because I'm going wear it to a party tomorrow.


This dress feels so good on my body. It was like I was born in it. Maybe I was born into it. But either way I feel reborn with it on. Kali, your mission with and for Kalisi is clear: my inner goddess IS inspired to step out into the world. 


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