Aroha of New Zealand

Aroha is inspired by New Zealand.  Aroha means love and is a depiction of love for nature and freedom; two of the most defining characteristics of the beautiful island nation from which she hails.

Aroha Energy = Love

Aroha's name is bestowed from New Zealand's first inhabitants, the Maori: aroha is their word for love.  The Maori have always loved and respected the beautiful nature that surrounded them; to this day, they still do. As tribute to this heritage, our design attempts to embody the love of the land through weaving striking blue hues throughout, reminiscent of the bright blue coves dotting the Abel Tasman coastline. She is then decorated with traditional Maori symbols and big beautiful feathers representing the country’s untouched environment and sacred wildlife.  The wide open wings flanking the central mandala complete the design symbolizing freedom, bravery and a little bit of wild from this far away land.