Who is Kalisi

Kalisi is the goddess within, the seeker, the knower and the true believer.  She is the part of you who knows what you are capable of, who cries out to you to follow your heart.  She is powerful, she is graceful, she is purposeful and full of ease.  She is the escape you seek; she is Kalisi.


Kali Clark
I'm Kali, founder and grounder of Kalisi.  Perpetual nomad, outdoor lover, incessant seeker and general nerd.  I grew up idolizing Indiana Jones and the Tomb Raider yet sketching every night in my notebook all the beautiful pages of the latest Vanity Fair.  I was never the fashionable one in the family but I always loved the dramatic images of a woman out in the wild, in a gorgeous gown, looking powerful and graceful.  Having always struggled with body image I woke up one day determined to try to create a brand that made women of all shapes and sizes not only look beautiful but also feel beautiful, wonderful, full of ease and suspended in a state of perpetual escape.  For me the icing on the cake would be to have this brand support women who need more support than others, whose inner beauty and power is just as strong as anyone else's but who were born into more difficult circumstances.  And so became Kalisi.

Design Lead

Tuhina Shukla

As a child, Tuhina used to stare out the window much more than staring at books. Her doodles took up more space in her notebook than schoolwork. Doodles were the first way she learnt to express myself. Slowly, she got more interested in expressing life through my creations and realized that design was her calling. Joining a design school was the next natural step, and she is grateful to her alma mater - NIFT for bringing out the best in her.  Though we think that she did that all herself! 

Over time, she has gathered a diverse experience from working for international fashion labels to running her own label. Being from a time and place where culture and modernity intertwine seamlessly, she finds her designs to be an expression of this amalgamation and was quite literally the perfect fit to bring Kalisi to life as a result.

When she is not channeling her creative powerhouse alter-ego you will find her watching movies (sometimes binging the whole day), reading books, doodling art, dancing with her brother, playing with her lovely daughter and cherishing every minute of her childhood.  

Tuhina is the gift that gave Kalisi life. 

Marketing Guru

Francesca Tysse

Our incredible marketing intern is the one and only Francesca Tysse. She's a full time student at the University of Michigan pursuing a major in Communications and a minor in Spanish. She is very passionate about fashion and its impact on the world as she loves how fashion affects every individual on a daily basis.She believes that fashion curates a community and a sense of belonging. She is a proud member of the pinup subculture due to the motivation, encouragement, acceptance, empowerment, and diversity within the community itself. Pinup has empowered her to live and express myself through many areas of my life, to always act with agency, and take pride in all things she does and accomplishes. She loves to empower others to dress, act, and love the way they desire in order to live their best authentic lives.  She is a true embodiment of Kalisi and is a core member of the Kalisi tribe. She chose the brand because the messages resonated with her and encouraged her to live her truth.

"Kalisi is an inclusive and empowering brand to all! I fell in love with all the different types of individuals being showcased. I connected with the body positivity and the women empowerment messages, gender inclusivity, diversity, and the motivation to explore one’s physical world as well as one’s internal self." 

We couldn't be happier she did!